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At Mai Financial Services Ltd our objective is to provide fast, reliable, safe and convenient financial services to all our valued customers. We give you a competitive rate and low fee for every transaction which can be collected in the most accessible location for family, friends and customers.

Why choose us?

Family centre services- we recognise the struggles that families face in getting the right support to their loved ones at the right time. Our service will be family base, transparent and efficient.

LOW COST – We have the lowest fees and the unbeatable rate with no hidden charges. We regularly offer special rewards our loyal customers with zero charges.

SIMPLE – In 3 easy steps, transfer money worldwide, send NDUGA, top up electricity and/or mobile credit in The Gambia 24/7 online available via your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

INSTANT – Transfer worldwide where you and your recipient receive updated notifications by email and SMS for your peace of mind.

SECURE – We have industry leading technology trusted for your payment security.

CONVENIENCE – We offer a range of instant and convenient remittance collection.

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